in Casseroles

Casserole dish 20cm
Casserole dish round about 20cm diameter with 100ml olive oil, 500g pasta, 30g bruschetta seasoning and a cookie.
Casserole dish 24cm
Casserole dish round 24cm diameter filled with 500g durum wheat pasta, 100ml herb oil, 100ml balsamic vinegar, 280g basil sauce and 30g pasta seasoning.
Casserole dish metal
Casserole dish metal in red with 375ml red wine, 250ml balsamic vinegar, durum wheat pasta, almond cookies and 250ml olive oil.
Casserole dish metal gray
Casserole dish metal in gray filled with 0.75l Prosecco, 250g Tarelli, 500g durum wheat spaghetti, 180g pesto genovese, 180g spread, 500g pastries and a small pannetone.
Casserole dish small
Casserole dish round small, filled with 500g pasta, 180g Sugo al Basilico, 0,25l red wine and small pastry.
Casserole dish with oil
Casserole dish round 18cm diameter, food grade glazed, suitable for gratinating filled with olive oil, bruschetta seasoning and shell pasta.
Casserole dish with wine
Casserole dish round with wine, pasta, pesto and pastries.
Round casserole dish 24cm
Round casserole dish 24cm diameter filled with 250g of colorful pasta, 0.375l of red wine, 30g of pasta seasoning, 180g of basil sauce and 100ml of olive oil with herbs.


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