in terracotta vessels

Antique brick Rosé
Terracotta brick large 45cm including candlestick and candle with 0.7l Frizzante Rosato.
Antique clay brick
Antique brick about 100 years old, handmade. As a candle holder including candle and red wine.
Antique roof tile
Terracotta brick small about 30cm including candle holder and 0.375l Rotein and a 40g cookie.
Antique Toscana brick
Tuscany antique brick as a lantern with holder, 500g durum wheat pasta Toscana, pesto genovese, pasta spice and olive oil.
Delicatessen gift with smooth handle basket
Terracotta handle basket (ca.22cm), smooth handmade. Filled with sweet cookies, savory cookies and cantuccini mandorla.
Planter ceramic white
Planter ceramic white (18cm) with red wine DOC 0,7l, 500g durum wheat paste, 280g basil sauce and pastry 30g.
Terracotta ball
Terracotta ball filled with Taralli Classic, vinegar and candy.
Terracotta ball
Terracotta ball 25cm x 25cm filled with 0,7l Prosecco DOC, salty cookies with Mediterranean herbs and panettone.
Terracotta bowl
Terracotta bowl round (23cm) with colorful durum wheat pest 250g, 100ml extra virgin olive oil from Toscana and a pizza paste spice.
Terracotta bowl oval
Terracotta bowl oval hand-shaped, 250ml extra virgin olive oil and 250ml apple cider vinegar incl. Napkins.
Terracotta bowl round
Terracotta bowl round (22cm) with 250ml extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spice.
Terracotta handle basket
Terracotta handle basket (28cm) filled with 500g durum wheat pasta, 240g Pesto Genovese, red wine from Toscana and a salted pastry.
Terracotta handle basket 30cm
Terracotta handle basket about 30cm filled with 500g pasta, 230g taralli, 200ml olive oil, 30g pasta seasoning, a packet of pastry and a small pannetone.
Terracotta handle basket large
Terracotta handle basket large (35cm) with durum wheat pasta, amaretti pastry, herbal salt, olive oil, tomato dip and pastries.
Terracotta lantern
Terracotta lantern filled with Prosecco, durum wheat paste, basil sauce, panettone and a small candy.
Terracotta lantern
Terracotta lantern with 0,7l Prosecco DOC, panettone, salt cookies and sweet pastries.
Terracotta lantern
Terracotta lantern (26cm) with durum wheat pasta and sauce and a small pastry.
Terracotta lantern
Terracotta lantern with handle filled with 250g pasta, 100ml extra virgin olive oil Italy, 30g pasta seasoning, 200g sugo and almond cookies.
Terracotta lantern 25cm
Terracotta lantern 25cm high filled with 0,75l white wine Pinot Grigio, a pack of Mararetti mini, a pannetone, a pack of napkins (25cm x 25cm) and a candle.
Terracotta planter
Terracotta planter (22cm) with red wine from the Toscana 0,375l and a sweet pastry.
Terracotta planter sport motif
Terracotta planter with motif made of thick-walled gallestroton, filled with 200g salty cookies, 100g sweet cookies and 200ml dip.
Terracotta sundial
Terracotta sundial (32cm) with an extra virgin olive oil Toscana 100ml and a pizza-paste spice 30g and a recipe suggestion.
Terracotta vessel Gallestroton
Terracotta jar Gallestroton 37cm x 17cm filled with 250g of colorful durum wheat pasta, basil sauce, 150g of cookies and panettone.
Terracotta vessel with motif
Terracotta vessel (25cm) with assorted motifs, red wine Toscana Doc 0,7l, 250g salted biscuits and a sweet.


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