in baskets and wooden boxes

Present Pisa
With this small but nice gift Pisa the presentee can start right away. The small pan contains everything for a delicious quick pasta dish. Contents: Frying pan with 18 cm diameter 250g colored pasta 250ml olive oil 30g pasta seasoning.
Present Toscana
A great gift for Christmas: Delicious delicatessen items arranged and packaged in a rustic wooden box with special flair. Contents: 500g penne 180g Cantucci 230g Taralli 0,75l red wine 250ml olive oil 280g basilico sauce 3x30g pasta seasoning.
Vintage wooden box
Vintage wooden box filled with 0.7l of red wine from Toscana, panettone, 200g of basil sauce, 200g of salty cookies, 20 pieces of napkins, decorative candles, matching matches, 500g of durum wheat pasta and a sweet cookie.
Vintage wooden box
Vintage wooden box (30cm x 20cm) filled with 500g spaghetti, 250ml olive oil, 250ml balsamic vinegar, 30g pasta seasoning and 30g bruschetta seasoning.
Vintage wooden box wine
Vintage wooden box (30cm x 20cm) filled with 0,375l white wine, 0,375l red wine and a pack of Tralli.
Wooden box vintage
Wooden box vintage 30cm x 20cm filled with 250ml olive oil Italy, 250ml balsamic vinegar, 500g durum wheat pasta, 30g bruschetta seasoning and 30g pasta seasoning and small napkins.


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