in gift box

Gift box small
Gift box small with 250ml of olive oil, 250ml of balsamic vinegar, 250g of colorful pasta, sugo basil and a small pastry.
Large natural wave box
Large natural wave box filled with red wine from the Toscana 0,7l DOC, 250g colorful durum wheat pasta, 200g amaretti biscuits, 30g salted biscuits and 280g pickled olives.
Natural wave box 1s
Present box with 375ml red wine, 500g pasta, 180g sauce and a cookie.
Natural wave box 2s cheese ham
Natural wave carton small filled with 200g salt cookies, 200g-300g Toscana ham, 200g cheese, 290g dried tomato antipasti and 180g spread.
Natural wave box 2s Prosecco
Natural wave box small, filled with 0,7l Prosecco DOC, 100ml Italian olive oil, herb salt mix, 200g Pest Genovese, 30g pasta seasoning, 500g pasta, salt cookies.
Natural wave box 2s salami
Natural wave box small filled with 500g pasta, 180g pesto, 100ml olive oil, 30g pasta pizza seasoning, 40g salt cookies, 200g Toscana salami, 75g seasoning salt and wooden pasta lifter.
Natural wave box 2s Toscana
Natural wave box for two bottles of wine, filled with 0.75l red wine and 0.75l white wine each from Tuscany, and 130g Tarelli.
Natural wave box 2s wine
Natural wave box small filled with 0,7l Merlot red wine DOC, 200g savory cookies, 200g salty cookies, 290g pickled tomatoes and a hearty salami from Italy.
Natural wave box 3s
Natural wave box large filled with 500g pasta Toscana, 30g pasta seasoning, 200g salt cookies, herb salt mix, pickled organic olives, 250ml balsamic vinegar, 180g pesto genovese and a 250ml Italian olive oil.
Natural wave box 3s cheese ham
Natural wave box big filled with 200g salty cookies, 200g sweet cookies, 30g bruschetta seasoning, 100ml olive oil, 200g cheese (different kinds) two pieces, 200g Toscana salami, 200g-300g Toscana ham.
Natural wave box 3s salami
Natural wave box large filled with 500g pasta, 250ml olive oil, 180g pesto, 280g antipasti olives, 250ml balsamic vinegar, 200g salt cookies, 200g Toscana salami and wooden pasta lifter.
Natural wave box 3s wine
Natural wave box large filled with 200g cantuccini, 30g salt cookies, 500g spaghetti, 180g tomato basil sauce, 100ml olive oil, 250g Toscana salami, 200g Pecorino cheese, 30g pasta seasoning and a 0,7l Bricco red wine bottle.
Present Mailand
Present MilanPretty gift in natural corrugated cardboard box with a small bottle of red wine, cheese and Italian sausage for connoisseurs. Contents: 0,375l red wine 230g Tarallini 150g cheese 150g salami 170g dried tomatoes a small pastry.
Rectangular present box
Rectangular present box (28cm) nature with 375ml red wine Toscana, 30g salted pastry, 500g durum wheat pasta and basil sauce.
Small natural wave box
Small natural wave box (30cm x 20cm) filled with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar 250ml, 500g hard wheat spaghetti and a pasta and bruschetta spice 30g each.
Small natural wave box
Small natural wave box with 100ml extra virgin olive oil, 250g colorful durum wheat pest, 200g basil sauce and bruschetta spice.
Small natural wave box
Small natural wave box (30cm x 20cm) filled with 500g hard wheat spaghetti paprika, 280g pepperoni sauce, 200g paprika dip, 250g salted pastry and a pasta spice 30g.


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