Recipe for pizza dough with poolish

Special doughs #2: Pizza with poolish

You want to give your pizza dough the final touch? In this series we collect ideas.

Pimp your pizza dough: #2 Poolish 

You are happy with your pizza dough at home and want to try variations. Then we have a few ideas for you in this series with recipes from our chef Fili. We start with pizza dough with poolish. Poolish is a liquid pre-dough that consists of equal parts flour and water and a small amount of yeast. It is used when you want the dough to have a sweet note. In French baguettes, poolish provides the unique flavour and crispy crust. 
400g flour
400g water
1g fresh yeast 
Main dough:
600g flour
250g water
30g salt
2g fresh yeast 
Mix all the ingredients of the poolish and leave to rest well covered (with cling film) in the refrigerator for 16-24 hours. 
Mix the ingredients of the main dough with those of the pre-dough and knead into a homogeneous dough - by hand or in a kneading machine. Fold the dough and let it rest covered for one hour. Then portion the dough and let it rest until it has doubled in size.