Recipe: cookies like from grandma

Recipe: cookies like from grandma

What can't be missing at Christmas? Correct - freshly baked cookies like from grandma.

Biscotti della nonna

The Fontana Mangiafuoco and its sweet solutions: Grandma's cookies, a recipe as special as it is tasty!

Ingredients for 8 servings: 

300 g powdered sugar
150 g butter
150 g lard
6 eggs
80 ml milk
1000 g flour
15 g baking powder
1 pinch of salt
grated orange-lemon peel
granulated sugar


Knead all ingredients in a dough mixer with paddle attachment until smooth and homogeneous. Transfer the dough to the floured work surface and mix. Place the dough in a bowl dusted with flour, cover with plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for about 30-40 minutes. Break the dough into small pieces of 40 g each, roll into a bigolus and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Brush the cookies with milk and sprinkle with granulated sugar.
Set the oven temperature to 170°c and bake for about 25 minutes.
Our cookies are now ready to serve.