Recipe for gluten-free pizza

Recipe and instructions for gluten-free pizza

Gluten-free pizza dough - with instructions on how to mix it yourself.

Baking gluten-free pizza 

There are many ways to make gluten-free pizza dough. The most important thing is to know the grain alternatives that do not contain gluten. These are: Quinoa, amaranth, corn, rice, millet, soy, the so-called wild rice, buckwheat and legumes. Gluten-free doughs are made from these ingredients. Sticky ingredients are often added in small amounts to hold the dough together.  Instructions for pizza dough gluten-free: 
There are many tips for gluten-free pizza dough that you can make yourself. We have linked you to three ideas here that you can use to make your very own pizza dough mix: 
There are also many ready-made mixes from organic food manufacturers such as Bauckhof or Schär but also from Italian flour manufacturers such as the Caputo "Fioreglut" mix. You can also buy gluten-free pizza dough frozen from Bofrost. 
As for baking gluten-free pizza, it depends on your personal attitude and the degree of your intolerance. Professional caterers actually use pizza ovens that only bake gluten-free, as do scoops - GI.Metal, for example, has its own line of scoops in green for gluten-free products. At home, it might be enough to reserve a tray for your gluten-free pizza.  (free version)